I doubt it’s anything particularly interesting or complicated. These men have insane amounts of money, and want to invest it, grow it and protect it. My understanding is that most of Bezos’ money is still in Amazon stock, but Bill Gates divested from Microsoft years ago and now has a private firm who’s sole business is investing in farmland. And like any prudent investor, they’ve diversified into many different investments. They have holdings in funds like Berkshire Hathaway, companies like Wal-Mart and Caterpillar, they have shares in railroads, waste disposal, and hotels. There’s no specific pattern or sinister plan, those are all just investments that, based on their analysis, have a high probability of continuing steady and reasonable rates of return. And if markets change and some of them drop, odds are others will compensate.

Farmland continues to be stable investment, which people are going to continue to need for the foreseeable future. I’m sure their advisors have looked heavily at such things as tax implications, estate planning, and ownership regulations, and concluded that this is a relatively safe place to park their money. And that’s what rich people do. At least, rich people who are planning to stay rich.